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Student Switch Off Community Competition

If you’ve living in privately rented housing this year then join the Student Switch Off Community Competition. We’ll help you to save energy (and cash) on your bills, and reward you with prizes for your efforts!

Win Prizes!
We’ve got loads of prizes to give away in our quizzes and photos competitions, like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, LUSH gift sets and tickets to nights out at SUSU. The five households that use the least electricity per resident over the year will get some free Ben & Jerry’s and everyone gets to save money off their bills.

Sign Up Now!
If you’d like to take part and win the prizes please fill in the form below. You’ll need to take meter readings at the start and end of each term, which we can help you with if you need it. Please fill in as many fields as you can:

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Save Energy and Money!
Living in a private rented house usally means paying your own bills. Here’s some easys way to save energy…

Don’t Waste It.
Switch off lights and applicances when you’re not using them
Don’t overfill the kettle
Put a lid on your pan when you cook
Wrap up warm before you turn up the heating
Make sure you’ve set the timer on your central heating so it’s only on when you need it.
Your radiators might have individual controls where you can adjust your heating further

Make some simple changes around the house

Make sure all your lightbulbs are energy efficent and watch our for the small halogen spotlights as there can be lots of these! You can get great deals on CFL or LED lighbulbs online or at local shops – over the year you can save more than you spend on the bulbs (and you can always can take them with you when you go to save energy in your next house!)

Install some radiator panels (or make some out of cardboard and foil) to reflect heat back into the room. 

DIY double glazing is also an option for very drafty single pane windows – all you need is clingflim, masking tape and a hair dryer. You can also buy kits for this online for under £10.

Switch Supplier
Tenants have the right to chose their energy supplier and there are loads of online switching sites to help you find a better deal. 

Choose a better house!
If your bills this year are bigger than you’d like then when you move to a new house check the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Every house will have one. It rates the house between A and G on how energy effiecnt it is with D and E being the average UK house.  Aim for D/E or above as F and G rated houses will be locking you into some big bills!

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