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Welcome to Kings College London Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is your chance to win prizes for yourself and Ben & Jerry’s for your hall, all for doing easy things to save energy.

Ben & Jerry’s for my hall?

Yep! The halls at Kings College London are competing to save energy and at the end of the academic year the hall that’s saved the most gets a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s! In Champion Hill there is a separate competition where the best energy-saving floor in each of the first two terms also wins Ben & Jerry’s! To help your hall/flat come top make sure you follow our four energy saving tips.

How do I win Ben and Jerry’s?

We’ve got loads of great prizes to give out in our photo competitions, like Ben & Jerry’s (big tubs!), Lush cosmetics and NUS Extra cards. These run once a fortnight and usually involve just uploading a picture of yourself saving energy onto the facebook page. Simple! There are lots of other competitions as well so make get on the email list and like the Facebook page so you’ don’t miss out.

2015/16 results

The winning hall for 2015/15 was Great Dover Street who were rewarded with a big giveaway of Ben & Jerry’s! At Champion Hill, Maple floor 2 were the best for energy-saving in both the first and second term and they were also rewarded with loads of Ben & Jerry’s!

Across all the four KCL halls electricity usage reduced by an average of 4.3% thanks to the energy-saving actions of students and infrastructural changes made by the university. This helped to keep over 76 tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere – really important in the fight against climate change. You can check out the final leaderboard and stats here.

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