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Welcome to the University of East London Student Switch Off!

Student Switch Off is your chance to win prizes for yourself and a celebration for your block, all for doing easy things to save energy.

Party for my block?

Yep! All the halls at the University of East London are competing to see who can be the best energy-savers and at the end of the year the winning block gets a winners celebratory event!  To help your block come top make sure you follow our four energy saving tips.

How do I win Ben and Jerry’s?

We’ve got loads of great prizes to give out in our photo competitions, like Ben and Jerry’s (big tubs!), Lush Cosmetics and NUS Extra cards. These run once a fortnight and usually involve just uploading a picture of yourself saving energy onto the facebook fanpage. Simple! There are lots of other competitions as well so make get on the email list and “Like” the University of East London Student Switch Off Facebook fanpage so you’ don’t miss out.

2014-15 Results

Over the year we’ve looked at  how well you’ve been doing in our quizzes, competitions and training sessions. Ailsa House did brilliantly and are this year’s winners! Here’s the full leaderboard… 

1st: Ailsa

2nd: Jamilah

3rd: Shepherd

4th: Felix

5th: Templars

6th: Kwame

7th: Longbridge

8th: Clare

9th: Marley

10th: Redbridge

Photos from the East London Student Switch Off


The campaign at University of East London is run by Rachel, contact her here if you have any questions or suggestions.


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