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The sign up is now closed. 




1. When is the last day to sign up? 
Last day to sign up is April 8th 2016. We apply a last day for sign up in order for the participants in the winning dorms to get the chance to contribute to the energy saving and really earn the prize. Even though the last day to sign up is in April we encourage everyone to sign up as early as possible!


2. Is there a fee to sign up?
No, it’s completely free! You don’t attach yourself to anything more than saving as much energy as possible, and the chance of winning first prize!


3. Is my dorm part of Student Switch Off team competition?
Participating dorms in Student Switch Off is located on Olofshöjd in Gothenburg,  KungshamraLappis and Pax in Stockholm and Studentgatan in Örebro. See each page for more detailed information. If your dorm or accommodation is not part of the team competition you can still sign up for information about the other competitions and energy savings.


 4. Why should I give out my email? What if I get spammed etc?
To sign up for the team competition we need your e-mail address. It’s our proof that you’ve signed up and are a part of the competition and eligible for prizes if your team wins. We do not give the e-mail addresses to any third part and the only e-mails you’ll receive are from us (about 10 e-mails/campaign). If you don’t want to give your e-mail address you can still take part in the climate quiz and photo competition on our Facebook page.


5. Does everyone from my corridor need to sign up, or is it enough just for one person in order for the team to participate?
One person is enough, but the more the better the chances to win are!


6. Do I need to contact the other members of my team?
There is no obligation to talk to or engage with your teammates, but it’s a very good thing to do! You can encourage each other in the competition and hopefully get a better community in the dorm :)


7. What happens if my building wins and I have not signed up?
If you haven’t signed up you’re not eligible for any prizes. Some teams can consist of up to 40 students, and we want to make sure only the people who signed up and put an effort in to the competition can take part of the prizes.


8. Why should I save energy when the corridor lights are always on?
The campaign Student Switch Off aims for everyone to do as much as they can. The fact that some one else isn’t doing their part doesn’t mean you should give up too. When it comes to the lights in the corridor, talk to your landlord and address the problem. Show them that you are doing your bit and encourage them to do theirs!


9. Do I get a price even if I move out from the dorm during the competition?
If your dorm wins and you have moved out you don’t get a prize. On the other hand you can always participate in our photo competitions no matter where you live.


10. How is the winner’s prize distributed within the team members?
The prize is given to everyone who signed up in the winning team. The winning amount is divided by the participating persons and given as a gift card. 


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