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– become an ambassador!




Student Switch Off is an initiative that aims to engage and encourage students to save energy. And no one does that better than the students themselves. As an ambassador for Student Switch Off you are an important part of running the campaign. The amount of engagement you want to put in is up to you, you can do anything from just being active on Facebook to arrange your own Student Switch Off event.

No matter how you choose to be an ambassador it’s a good experience for your future career. Of course we’ll give you references and a certificate of your work, but you’re also in the competition for winning even more prizes!






The ambassador challenge is a set of possible ways to engage as an ambassador in order to collect stamps. Depending on how many stamps you get, you get different things. Aim for seven stamps or more in order to enter the big prize draw!


Attend the training session
1 stamp
The training session is mandatory and will give you all the necessary information in order to be a great ambassador! You’ll also get to now the other ambassadors and our project coordinators.


Join us on an area visit
1 stamp/visit
The area visits are very important to spread the campaign. Attend one of our area visits, get people to sign up and get one stamp!


Sign up 10 friends to support the campaign
1 stamp
Involve your friends in the campaign, why not the ones in your dorm for increased chances to win the team competition?


Get your flatmates involved in the photo competition
1 stamp
Give your friends the possibility to win the great prizes of the photo competitions. Maybe even act as cameraman?


Share the Facebook photo competition
1 stamp/2 shares
Spread the news about our Facebook photo competition. Share an info post and one of the competing photos to get a stamp.


Get 10 friends to take the climate quiz
1 stamp
Are your friends great at quizzes? Or knows a lot about energy saving? Well then, make them take the quiz!


Contribute with a blog post about your work in the campaign
1 stamp
Student Switch Off is part of the SAVES project. They regularly post updates from ambassadors all over Europe and if you want to, we are more than happy to publish your story as a Student Switch Off ambassador on their blog.


Arrange a Student Switch Off event or participate in one of ours
1 stamp
We regularly arrange different events. Help your local project coordinator to arrange one, or arrange your own. It doesn’t have to be more than a dinner in your dorm or a competition with your friends. Just make sure to take photos and spread it in social media.





1 stamp
Getting started! You get a Student Switch Off t-shirt to wear when doing ambassador work (Stockholm ambassadors also get a Ben&Jerry’s ice cream voucher)

4 stamps
You’re creating loads of change. We’ll send you an official Student Switch Off reference that will boost your employability!

7 stamps or more
Brilliant work! We’ll enter you into the prize draw for food for a value of 1000 kronor.




Send an e-mail to our project coordinators for more information and to sign up as an ambassador for Student Switch Off.



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