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Save energy – win prizes!


Student Switch Off is a non-profit campaign that in a fun and simple way encourages students to save energy and reduce their emission of CO2. The campaign consists of three competitions; a team competition where dorms compete against each other in saving energy, a photo competition and a climate quiz. In addition the campaign also informs the participating students on how to save energy. 

For the academic years 2014 – 2016 a total of 102 dorms and many thousands students will take part in Student Switch Off. The competition is arranged in cooperation with SGS Studentbostäder in Gothenburg and Stockholms Studentbostäder in Stockholm. It is founded by the European Union as part of a project taking place in several other european countries. 

While we recognize that switching things off isn’t the solution to climate change on its own, we think saving energy is a good first building block and the actions that we encourage the students to adopt will save them loads of money when they move into their next accommodation.




Please contact us if you want to know more about Student Switch Off:

Project manager:
Agneta Mattiasson


We also have a project coordinator in every city who manages the practical work locally. 




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