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Who we are


The Student Switch off is a not-for-profit campaign run through a Community Interest Company. The campaign aims to encourage students to save energy when living in University halls of residence.

The results of the campaign are directly measurable through electricity meters in the halls of residence. This means that we can demonstrate exactly how effective the actions we are promoting are in encouraging pro-environmental behavioural change.

The campaign was set up by Dr Neil Jennings as a pilot project at the University of East Anglia in 2007. Read more about how Student Switch Off started. 

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Staff hall of fame

Check out our staff hall of fame page.

Our purpose

As with many offices, schools and hotel rooms, there is generally no financial incentive for students in halls to use energy carefully. The Student Switch Off uses prize incentives such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, tickets to Student Union nights out and communal parties and focuses on peer-to-peer communication and creating a sense of competition to provide incentives that go beyond just being more ‘environmentally friendly’.

It’s very important to  us that our campaign reaches beyond the usual green suspects. We aim to get even the people with little prior interest or knowledge in energy and climate change involved through making the campaign appealing and fun.

While we recognise that switching things off isn’t the solution to climate change on its own, we think saving energy is a good first building block and the actions that we encourage the students to adopt will save them loads of money when they move into private accommodation.

Everyone’s a winner

With some companies, their number one benefit is to their shareholders. However the people who have a stake in our company’s success are, well, just about everybody.

We save Universities money which is good for students, staff and of course the taxpayer. We try to benefit the student volunteers by giving them transferable skills and experience in marketing, communication and campaigning. And of course everyone benefits from the reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Occasionally we dress up as an Eco-Power Ranger which is of benefit to… OK, no one’s perfect!

A little help from our friends

We’re hugely grateful to a number of organisations for getting us where we are today – Ben & Jerry’s for supporting us from the start and Carbon Leapfrog (especially Bird & Bird, Andrew Woods and Garry Charnock) for securing us free legal and accountancy advice.

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