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Student Switch Off stat-tastic survey

At the end of the academic year we conducted an online survey across all 37 Universities to find areas for improvement and how the campaign was perceived this year by those who signed up to support the campaign (aka Eco-Power Rangers). 402 students completed the survey and the headline findings are as follows:

–          83% of respondents said their awareness of how to save energy had increased as a result of the campaign (45% said it had increased ‘a little’, 28% ‘a fair amount’ and 10% said it had increased ‘a lot’)

–          88% of respondents said they had taken action to save energy specifically because of the campaign (42% had done ‘a little’, 26% had done ‘a fair amount’ and 20% had done ‘a lot’ to save energy)

–          71% of respondents had encouraged their friends to save energy as a result of the campaign (37% of respondents encouraged their friends ‘a little’, 23% ‘a fair amount’ and 12% ‘a lot’).

–          51% of respondents said they knew ‘a fair amount’ about the campaign, 38% said they knew ‘just a little’ and 9% of respondents said they knew ‘a lot’ – room for improvement on our part!

–          Of those who had taken action to save energy as a result of the campaign (80% had done so to take personal action on climate change, 46% to win prizes, 20% because of the interhall competition and 12% because of posters in halls – N.B. respondents were able to select more than 1 reason for action)

–          Of those who had taken action to save energy, 94% stated that they were either ‘very likely’ (50%) or ‘likely’ (44%) to maintain these actions when they moved out of halls

–          When asked the question “What has stopped you from undertaking more energy-saving actions in halls of residence this year?”, 40% of respondents cited the infrastructure of the halls, 37% said they already did everything they could, 20% said they didn’t have enough time to do more and 13% said they needed more information and they lacked a financial incentive.

–          76% of respondents said we sent about the right number of e-mails/Facebook messages, 14% said we had sent too many and 4% said we had sent too few.

–          72% of respondents were female

–          93% of respondents were aged between 16 and 24.

The full results of the survey are available here.

We also gave out 10 pairs of Ben & Jerry’s vouchers at random to some of those who completed the survey. The list of winners will appear here shortly.

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