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Dec/Jan picture of the month winners

The December/January picture of the month competition went out to a public vote via our Facebook fan page and the battle was epic – over 350 votes in total. The winners were as follows:

1st Place – University of York, 185 votes – 3 litres of Ben & Jerry’s – Sarah Parsnipple keeping warm 70’s stylee!

2nd Place – Manchester Metropolitan University, 142 votes – 1.5 litres of Ben & Jerry’s – an energy-saving montage from Bethy-Kate Hamilton.

3rd Place – University of Brighton, 45 votes– 0.5 litres of Ben & Jerry’s – Daniel Madden before and after turning off the heater.

Check out the winning photos below and get those pics in for the remaining picture of the month competitions to grab some more Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

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