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Success for the Eco-Power Rangers!

Students saving energy as part of the Student Switch Off competition have hit success! Over 360 tonnes of CO2 have been kept out of the atmosphere as a result of their actions over the first term of this academic year. The energy and carbon saved is equivalent to offsetting 4,095 individual return flights from Manchester to London or making 21,326,357 cups of tea!

Over 14,200 students in halls (16% of the total hall population) have already pledged to use energy carefully by signing up as an Eco-Power Ranger! These students have been switching off lights and appliances when not in use, putting lids on pans when cooking and not overfilling their kettles… and encouraging their friends to do the same.

Hundreds of students across the 37 Student Switch Off Universities have also been uploading photos of themselves performing various energy saving actions and have been rewarded for their efforts with NUS extra cards, Lush soap gifts, eco gadgets, tickets to nights out and more!

We interviewed one of the Eco-Power Rangers, Gemma Powell from Southampton, to find out what got her involved…

How old are you? 19
Where are you studying? University of Southampton
What are you studying? Modern Language
What are your hobbies and interests? Yoga, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing
Why did you decide to sign up as an Eco-Power Ranger? Because all these little efforts can make a big difference. And for the prizes of course!
What have you been doing to save energy? Having showers instead of baths, cycling/walking instead of getting a bus/taxi
What three words sum you up? Adventurous, chilled, student
Would you describe yourself as a typical student? Probably, yes.
Why do you think energy-saving is important? Because one day everything will run out, and we still have no idea how we will survive when that happens. Also, to reduce our massive impact on the environment.

York UB1 bus supporting Student Switch Off!

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