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Why we love Spring


The first day of Spring passed us by a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t really start to feel like Spring until the bank holiday weekend and the clocks went forward. Now the days are longer and it’s starting to feel a little warmer. Here’s why we love Spring so much at Student Switch Off!


Daylight is your new best friend

March - sunrise

Now that the days are longer it means you don’t have to switch the lights on in the morning to get ready anymore AND you don’t have to put them on as early in the evening. Double win! We <3 natural light.



March - lambs

Or any baby farm animal for that matter


Your room warming up

March - winter clothes

With winter temperatures behind us, you can ditch those extra layers and start to turn your radiators down and save loads of energy (although some Spring nights can still be a little chilly so we might not be able to completely abandon our radiators yet)! Always remember to turn your heating down before opening a window on a warm day so you don’t waste the heat!


Taking out the bins doesn’t make your hands numb with cold

March - bins

Now there’s really no excuse not to recycle…check the posters in your kitchen for what goes in which bin!


Spring cleaning

March - spring cleaning

Everyone’s guilty of accumulating things they don’t really need so spring cleaning is a great opportunity to give your unwanted items a second home. Check if your university has donation bins on campus for clothes or shoes or get in touch with your Student’s Union to see if they have a collection scheme. If not, your local charity shop will always be grateful for donations!


Student Switch Off end of year events!

March - SSO rewards

After Easter we start to finalise the Student Switch Off end of year leaderboards and reward the halls that have saved the most electricity. Click on ‘Find a University’ to find your university and see what prizes are up for grabs for the best hall and how your hall is doing!

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