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Go Green Week at the University of Worcester

Take a minute to read about how Green Week went at the University of Worcester (blog by Maia – a 1st year student at University of Worcester who helped to co-ordinate the event!)

‘Go Green Week’ was a good opportunity for the university to encourage students staying in halls to save energy. As ‘Friday-Energy group’ we organised a competition in which the halls would compete against each other to use the least energy throughout the week.

Before the weepizza 1k began, we visited each of the halls on St Johns and City campus in order to advertise the competition and try to encourage people to try extra hard to save energy by ensuring we mentioned the potential of free pizza! Many of the students we spoke to seemed unsure as to whether they would like to take part, but at the mention of free pizza, some became more enthusiastic, one flat in particular ran around to turn off any lights that were not needed!pizza 3

At the end of the week, the data was collected and we found that Teme hall had won, by saving 31% of their energy. We therefore visited this building and offered the occupants the opportunity to go down to the university allotment later that afternoon to claim their prize of free pizza samples, which were handmade in the clay cob oven, so therefore powered by renewable sources. Also, due to Teme being one of the smaller halls on campus, we also invited Wulfstan hall along to the pizza tasting, as they came in second place. Although there was not a huge turnout of students for this event, it was still good to know that energy had been saved around halls and on campus, and we were also able to speak to other students passing by and explain some of the benefits of saving energy and offered them some of the pizza samples.

pizza 2

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