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6 stages everyone goes through on a cold evening

So far we’ve had a pretty mild winter, but it looks like January is going to be a cold one so brace yourselves!

winter is coming

Here are the six stages everyone goes through when temperatures plummet in the evening…

1.You realise that walking around your halls in shorts and bear arms isn’t really appropriate for the weather


2. So you put on your comfiest, thickest clothes to brace against the cold

6 sweaters

Putting on layers is an easy and effective way to raise your body temperature on a cold day (thick jumpers and socks are the best). You can also use hot water bottles or try getting active to increase circulation.

3. When that’s still not enough to warm up, you reach for the radiator and turn it up a few notches

office thermostat

Radiators are great for keeping warm when it’s cold out, but aren’t great for the environment so try not to turn the radiator up more than you need to. Even a small adjustment can add a lot of heat to the room so you don’t have to turn it all the way up straight away.

4. Inevitably you fall asleep in your nice toasty room

duvet cocoon

Mmmm warm.

5. You wake up boiling hot from the radiator and your many layerssweating

Everyone’s guilty of going to sleep in a big duvet, thick pyjamas and with the radiator on full only to wake up in the middle of the night unbearably hot.

6. You open the window to let that crisp winter air in to cool you but forget to turn off the radiator!

open window

That radiator is now wasting loads of energy heating up a room that you’re cooling with fresh air. Don’t forget to turn your radiators off before opening a window to ensure no energy is being wasted. It can be difficult to remember to do this when you’re not paying your own bills, but get into the habit now ready for when you are paying bills as heating can blow a big hole in your budget!


Putting on layers before turning up the heating is one of our favourite energy saving tips – give it a go next time you’re feeling a little chilly! Find your university here to find out more about what Student Switch Off is doing in your halls of residence.

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