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10 things to do before you come to University


If you’re moving into University halls of residence this Autumn don’t forget to do all these things before heading off to your new home for the year!

Buy a blanket

1 . Buy a big blanket
Your halls can get mighty cold in winter! Wrap up warm so you can keep the heating low.

stock up on mugs
2. Stock up on mugs
Nobody knows how or why, but your favourite mug will NOT still be around by Christmas. Look after them and take spares. Don’t forget to only boil what you need in the kettle as well – overfilling is a major waste of energy!

switch off at home
3. Turn off everything in your room at home!
Imagine all that wasted energy while you’re away! Make sure all plugs are switched off at the wall (to avoid those evil standby lights) and close your window – it may be hot now but by the time you get back it will be winter!

Learn how to sew
4. Learn how to sew
Whether it’s for an awesome fancy dress idea or because you spent all your money in Fresher’s week and can’t afford a new pair of jeans, sewing is the most useful life skill! By sewing up old clothes instead of buying brand new ones you can save money and help the planet!

Short shower
5. Practice taking short showers
You are guaranteed to have a flat-mate that will hog the communal shower all morning when you’re running late for an important lecture. If there isn’t one – it’s probably you! Get into the habit of showering quickly to save water and time.
If you’re lucky enough to have an en-suite then taking a short shower is still a great way to protect the environment! We recommend 4 minutes!

Pan with lid
6. Buy some pans with lids
Did you know that cooking with a lid on your pan saves loads of time and energy? You can turn the temperature down as all the heat is kept inside the pan rather than escaping around your kitchen. Just don’t leave it unattended!

Become a hoarder
7. Become a hoarder
Your room at university may be tiny, but you never know when you will need that random piece of coloured paper for an arts and crafts project and that bubble wrap will definitely come in handy later. Re-using old stuff is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint.

Buy a drying rack
8. Buy a drying rack
Doing laundry takes time, money and energy. Save on all 3 by buying yourself a drying rack and letting your clothes dry naturally. Just make sure to open the window while you’re drying to prevent mould.

energy saving settings on laptop
9. Enable the energy-saving settings on your laptop
Your laptop will definitely run out at the worst possible time at least once while you’re at Uni so make it last longer with the energy-saving settings. Turning the brightness down, turning on automatic sleep mode and automatic shut-downs will all help that battery last longer.


like facebook page

10. Like your University’s Student Switch Off Facebook Page!
It’s a well-known stereotype that students love free stuff – but who doesn’t?! We give away prizes every fortnight just for you switching off and saving energy in halls! Click the ‘Find a University’ button to find your University’s page.


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