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Energy savings of 3% across Europe

savingNow that we’ve finished a full semester of SAVES, we’re thrilled to see energy savings of around 3 per cent, with individual students saving up to nearly 2kwh every day.

Across Europe, SAVES supports students in minimising their carbon footprint during their time in halls, promoting energy efficiency, and installing good habits which last beyond their time in education.

Out of hundreds of halls taking part across 17 universities, we’re excited to share the top ten energy-saving individual halls of residence to date:

10. University of West England – Cotswold 3

9. University of Cyprus – Building 9

8. University of Bath – Canal Wharf

7. University of Athens – Building 3

6. University of Cyprus – Building 4

5. University of Cyprus – Building 7

4. University of Bath – Clevelands Building

3. University of Bath – The Lodge

2. University of Athens – Building 4

1. De Montfort University – The Grange

Together, we’ve saved 87 tonnes of CO2. By the end of the year, we can make that over 500 tonnes. There’s still a long way to go before we give out the prizes to the top carbon cutters.

Over the months ahead, our participating institutions will continue to promoting simple energy saving actions, helping to normalise environmentally responsible behaviours in halls of residence across Europe. Find out more about the project

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