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Students get Stuck in to Switching Off

Student Switch Off has got off to a great start again this year, with thousands of students living in halls of residence pledging to save energy with Student Switch Off during freshers fairs.

Piers Telemacque, NUS vice president of society and citizenship said: “Student Switch Off has had an incredible impact on students’ energy saving behaviours right across the country. The habits you pick up during your first time living independently can last long beyond your time in education, so we do everything we can to help new students get into good routines – putting on layers instead of the heating, boiling only as much as you need, and putting lids on pans, things like that. It’s all really simple stuff, but added together, it cuts a huge amount of carbon – we saved 3,000 tonnes last year alone.

“It isn’t just environmentally friendly. It has saved the higher education sector over £1 million from cutting down on energy usage, as well as helping students to save money on bills once they move into private housing. With all these benefits, you can see why the campaign has been such a success. We’re really excited to be working in Warwick again as part of our biggest year yet, expanding across European countries for the first time and reaching the greatest number of students to date. Together, we can save more energy than ever before, putting students at the heart of a more sustainable society”

If you are living in student accommodation this year then visit our Find your University page to check if your hall is taking part in Student Switch Off this year

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