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21st of September 2015

Excited to launch SAVES for this year

Looking back to last year, I must say that it was a pretty successful one for Cyprus; we managed to get a lot of students involved in the SAVES campaign, had a lot of fun organizing parties and photo competitions, and managed to reach the 3rd place, on an international level, in regard to energy savings. We are also very excited that we managed to reduce our overall savings to 6.92%! That’s really amazing!

So, as this year already started, we’re again very happy and motivated to take part in the program. Students entered their rooms on the 6th of September, and were given lots of information, and promotional material about the competition. It seems that a lot of students are interested about it, asking us questions from day one! Meanwhile, our Resident Assistants are eager to take part in the project, and have already signed up as Ambassadors for the campaign.

This year, we are feeling more confident, since we have already passed through the first year of the program, and we know what to expect. So, having a years’ experience, knowing what worked and what didn’t, we are aiming to more excitement, more student involvement, and of course more energy savings. We are eager to promote the competition even more, and if possible, to reach the 1st place on the international level, of the SAVES competition.

One thing is for sure: Cyprus is ready for a fun year!!


1st of July 2015

Saves Steering Group Meeting took place in Nicosia Cyprus in June 2015

The Saves Steering Group Meeting took place this year on the 23rd and 24th of June 2015, in the Capital City of Cyprus Nicosia, where the University of Cyprus is located, and more specifically at the premises of the University. The Saves Team met in order to exchange experiences, practices and ideas regarding the project, and to prepare, organize, and set new goals for the following academic year 2015/16.

In a pleasant and friendly environment, members of the team shared their accomplishments and good practices concerning the project, and discussed their plans and thoughts for the following year. Furthermore, the team discussed in depth the challenges and complications faced during last year, and talked about various ways so that these matters can be resolved in the future.

In addition, members expressed their satisfaction for their University achievements during the first year of the campaign, and at the same time for the overall success of the project. It is important to mention that all members stated their enthusiasm for the amazing teamwork and coordination between the Saves Team.

Also, it was exciting to have two student ambassadors from the University of Cyprus to take part in the meeting, and present their own personal understanding of the project, thoughts, suggestions, and challenges they faced. It was extremely helpful for all members, to share their experiences and thoughts with the ambassadors, as they are coming straight from the “battle field”.

Amongst other things, it was similarly interesting for the team to be presented about the Social Electricity Project in Cyprus, an ICT social application that aims to help European citizens to understand the electrical energy they consume through online eco-feedback services, and gain some knowledge and new ideas about sustainability and energy consciousness.

In addition to the fruitful two day meeting in the University premises, the team took a fascinating tour in the old town of multicultural Nicosia, and had an unforgettable dinner feast in the traditional Cypriot Tavern Zanettos.

In conclusion, it was an exciting and successful meeting, with all members of the team feeling inspired to continue promoting and developing the campaign.

Unica Article for SAVES  

Maria wakes up in her dormitory room. She switches on a few lamps that she prefers to the natural, all-too-bright Cypriot sun. She turns the heating up to the maximum to be able to wear a summer top inside, and then switches on the computer and the radio, just to leave the room a minute later. Suddenly, Maria finds herself in a darkest nightmare threatened by a phantom to have her dormitory blown up if she does not turn every appliance off within 10 minutes and save the energy that she has been wasting… Will Maria succeed? To find out watch this amusing, awareness-raising Switch Off Horror Movie made by University of Cyprus students in the framework of the SAVES Project, which is now celebrating the results of its first semester.

The objective of the SAVES Project is to support environmentally responsible behavior among the students living in the dormitories by means of running the fun Student Switch Off competitions in dormitories in five partner countries: UK, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus and Lithuania. Student Switch Off campaigns across Europe launched for the first time in the participating countries in September and October 2014. The first semester of this action showed the achieved average reduction of 295,732kWh in energy usage across the participating dormitories, which equates to 86.98tCO2 and 25.431toe, and translates to a 3.13% saving in just a few months! Even better news? SAVES Project is running until the end of the academic year 2015/2016 and the total expected energy saving at the end of the action is at the level of 8%.

The first semester of European Student Switch Off campaigns saw plenty of vibrant student engagement actions. Around 3,300 students signed up to the campaigns and 104 of them were trained as student ambassadors. Each participating dormitory organized a number of photo competitions on their respective Facebook page, resulting in over 140 photos submitted to date. Take a look at the winning photo. Moreover, around 1,300 students took part in the online climate change quiz raising their awareness about energy-saving and climate change.

Want to know more? Attend a SAVES Project Session at the upcoming ERACON Conference 2015 in Porto, 13-17 May 2015 or at the 27th Annual EAIE 2015 Conference, Glasgow, 15-18 September 2015.


Παρακολουθήστε το πιο κάτω βίντεο το οποίο ετοίμασαν οι Βοηθοί Φ. Εστίας για το Διαγωνισμό SAVES – εξοικονόμηση ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας!!

Είναι εκπληκτικό και τους ευχαριστούμε πολύ για την πρωτοβουλία!!






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