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University of Liverpool Students score highly with CO2 savings

Students in University of Liverpool halls have saved an impressive 155 tonnes of CO2 over 4 months by taking part in Student Switch Off, more than doubling the savings made in 2012/13. The carbon saved is the equivalent of using a 42 inch LCD TV continuously for 106 years!

To work out the savings we measure energy usage in October, November, February and May (the months that are consistently occupied by students) and compare it against energy usage from previous years. We take into account factors such as how many students have been living in halls that year, and how hot it’s been to make sure it’s a fair comparison.

Using the energy savings over the 4 months we measured at the University of Liverpool, we can estimate that over the full time students lived in halls this year the actual saving is over £38,000 worth of electricity and 232 tonnes of CO2.

This year, water saving and recycling strands were added to the competition, giving halls three chances to win a party. Halls at Greenbank campus won the energy and water strands and celebrated with an ice cream party. Rankin hall scored highest in the recycling strand and were rewarded with free pizza.

If you are moving into halls this year then be sure to find your university and ‘like’ the Facebook page to keep up to date with the competition.

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