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Energy rights in private-rented accommodation

For those of you moving into private-rented accommodation after your time in halls, it’s really important you know your rights in terms of energy. Ofgem (the people who regulate the energy industry) have put together a factsheet which is worth checking out. The key points are:

– If you are directly responsible for paying the energy/gas bills yourself, you have the right to choose your own energy supplier and the landlord or letting agent should not unreasonably prevent this

– If the landlord pays the bills themselves/they are incorporated into your overall accommodation costs then the landlord has the right to choose the energy supplier

The Ofgem factsheet provides some top tips which are worth taking into account:

1. Read your tenancy agreement before signing – look out for any clauses on energy suppliers

2. if you are responsible for paying the gas/electricity bill you are entitled to switch at any time and this cannot be unreasonably prevented by your landlord/letting agent. When you move into a property, take meter readings and phone up your supplier to submit them. When you move out do the same.

3. If you want to switch, shop around for the best energy deal.

4. Inform your landlord or letting agent if you intend to switch supplier

5. If you have any complaints/queries check out the contact details on the factsheet


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