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Get involved in Go Green week

This week, over 100 schools, colleges and universities will take part in People & Planet’s annual national week of action on climate change, Go Green Week.

Students across Britain have outdone themselves this year, organising the biggest Go Green Week we’ve ever seen! Groups from Aberdeen to Exeter are organising activities to show their peers that climate change action can be fun and empowering. Activities lined up range from Birmingham turning their iconic clock tower green to promote sustainable living to York launching their brand new Big Green Makeover project which will provide energy-saving advice.

Over 40 ‘Can Film Festivals’ are set to encourage students to recycle cans in exchange for free film screenings. Oxford Brookes have convinced all their canteens to serve veggie food for Meat-free Monday whilst groups in East Anglia, Kent, Newcastle and Birmingham are launching brand new Scoops selling sustainable food to students at affordable prices.

This year, People & Planet are asking the government to live up to its promise to become the greenest government ever and take urgent action to secure the education sector’s transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future that can create green jobs. To send an e-action to David Willetts, just follow this link:

To find out more about Go Green Week, check out:

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